The SB-10 is here and Building Resource can help!

The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing OBC SB-10 updates went into effect on January 1, 2012 and require architects to design a higher level of insulation into all new buildings in Ontario. The R values have been increased in many areas and the requirement for CI or Continuous Insulation has also been added. Both of these factors will make it challenging for designers to comply without giving up valuable usable floor space. That is where Building Resource can help!

We can provide you with options that comply with the SB-10 but are affordable, practical and space efficient. Here are some of the products we offer;

Walltite Eco closed cell spray foam offers the highest R value per inch of any foam and is the ONLY foam listed by CCMC as an air barrier system. It can be applied between studs and as cavity wall insulation.

Atlas Energyshield polyisocyanurate provides R6.0 per inch and is used as a cavity wall insulation and an insulating sheathing.

Lido Wall Systems is a complete cladding system that provides up to R20 ci and is used in place of window wall, curtain wall and precast concrete panels.

Norbec Architectural IMP provides R44 ci and can be to perform the function of cladding, insulation, building envelope and interior finish.

For more information

The Actual SB-10 Document (updated)
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New news item

July 2012 – TenPlus Architectural

We are pleased to announce that Building Resource Inc are now the Architectural Representatives for TenPlus Architectural Products including their Louvers, Sunshades, Vision Screens and expansion joint covers. Established in 1998, TenPlus has become a major manufacturer and is now positioned for more growth with the addition of Building Resource and the recent expansion of their Mississauga facility.

If you would like more information on TenPlus Products contact the Building Resource Team or visit the website at