Historic FEDERAL BUILDING Luxury Loft’s  shine with LIDO Panels

150 Main Residential Lofts
Architect: Lintack Architects Incorporated, Rick Lintack
Developer: Vrancor Group Inc., Darko Vranich

The Federal Building in Hamilton Ontario is a 6 storey office building that has been  re-purposed into luxury Lofts.  Using Lido load bearing steel stud panels on top of the existing building, 5 new storeys were added.  Lido Architectural Rain Screen panels were then installed to clad this new portion as well as one of the existing elevations and the entire hotel adjacent to the Federal Building.


  • Lightweight, thus minimizing the load on the existing structure
  • Off-site fabrication in the Lido manufacturing plant allows for a reduction in the construction schedule
  • Design Flexibility – new exterior finish matched existing stone finish on original building
  • Single Source Responsibility – Lido scope of work includes the two stage caulking of panel to panel joints, fire-stopping and smoke seal installation
  • Moisture Management Strategy – not only do the two-stage caulked joints between adjacent Lido panels create a rainscreen but the Lido panel itself also incorporates rainscreen technology and an integral air moisture barrier
  • Thermal Performance – Lido panels provide continuous insulation (C.I.) uninterrupted by floor slabs, attachments and other thermal bridges.
  • Trusted – with a track record of over 30 years and hundreds of buildings in service LIDO is the best source for panel manufacturing and installation.
  • Lightweight design = minimal loads to structure reducing structural costs. 1/7 the weight of precast concrete!
  • High Performance Envelope:  No thermal breaks results in high effective R value as per SB-10
  • Lido panels provide continuous insulation up to an R24 as required by the OBC 2006 SB-10 (higher R values possible by insulating in the stud space)
  • Rain Screen: Lido panels meet the intent of the OAA Pro-Demnity requirements for Rain Screen Systems
  • Integral air moisture barrier built into each panel
  • Certified:  Lido panel steel framing fabrication in plant is certified to CSA W47.1-92 Standards and welders certified to CSA W178.2-1990 Standards
  • Mechanical sleeves and electrical boxes can be installed during panel fabrication ensuring a waterproof seal
  • Competitively Priced:  Call on us for a budget for your next project.  We think you will be pleasantly surprised!

Lido panels are built indoors in a controlled plant environment.  This provides the client with panels of consistent quality that are installed quickly regardless of the weather.