Ten Plus Sunshades provide form and function

Designed to enhance your buildings esthetics and reduce the building’s operational costs, Ten Plus sunshades provide screening of direct sunlight and glare.

Our sunshades are designed to specification and all connections and anchoring points are engineered to the conditions of your specific job.

Ten Plus sunshades are manufactured for various applications.

  • Typical cantilever (most commonly used)
  • In a horizontal application (like a vision screen in front of a window)
  • Vertical blade application

A variety of finishes are available: Clear, Bronze, or Black Anodize, Liquid and Powder coat painted finishes (both with Fuoropolymer resins).


The Lido panel with the Dryvit Custom Brick finish provides an environmentally superior, lightweight, 
cost effective alternative to installing conventional 
site installed masonry.

No longer do you have to be concerned with weather conditions and scheduling multiple trades on site.

The Lido panel provides the speed of installation that your project needs with single source responsibility. Lido has panelized successful projects for over 30 years and now can give you the look of masonry.
Lido panels make walls extremely energy efficient by providing a very high effective R value and continuous insulation (ci ).

Combine design flexibility with unlimited choice of colours, textures and shading techniques, and your design professionals can create whatever masonry look you want.

Norbec Architectural has received FM Approval

FM testing is among the most difficultand demanding standards of our industry.Approval

Approval Standard 4880
Norex-S, Norex-H and Norex-L panels – FM Approvals Standard 4880 (2005) Wall-Ceiling/Roof Constructions) are Approved for interior use.
The 4880 standard verifies the properties related to the combustibility of the product by conducting a series of tests.

FM Approval 4880 for Norex-L & H 

FM Approval 4880 for Norex-S

Approval Standard 4881
Norex-H and Norex-L panels – FM Approved exterior wall systems.
The 4881 standard verifies the limits of the fastening system under various wind load conditions and girt spacing. The FM laboratory is able to accurately create the desired wind load conditions. This standard also includes a hail test.

FM Approval 4881-Norex L & H

GET MORE with SRP AirOutshieldTM SA 280

Self Adhered, Breathable Underlayment for Rain Screen Walls and Sloped Roofing Systems.


  • MORE Breathable @ 50 perms
  • MORE Robust – thicker and heavier at 280 grams/m2
  • MORE Sticky – primerless adhesion to all compatible substrates
  • MORE Versatile – install in walls or sloped roofs
  • MORE Credentials – meets ASTM E2357 as an air barrier assembly

SRP AirOutshieldTM SA 280 is a robust, self-adhered, triple layer polypropylene micro-porous film laminate with a proprietary, full coverage acrylic vapor permeable adhesive.

Historic FEDERAL BUILDING Luxury Loft’s  shine with LIDO Panels

150 Main Residential Lofts
Architect: Lintack Architects Incorporated, Rick Lintack
Developer: Vrancor Group Inc., Darko Vranich

The Federal Building in Hamilton Ontario is a 6 storey office building that has been  re-purposed into luxury Lofts.  Using Lido load bearing steel stud panels on top of the existing building, 5 new storeys were added.  Lido Architectural Rain Screen panels were then installed to clad this new portion as well as one of the existing elevations and the entire hotel adjacent to the Federal Building.


  • Lightweight, thus minimizing the load on the existing structure
  • Off-site fabrication in the Lido manufacturing plant allows for a reduction in the construction schedule
  • Design Flexibility – new exterior finish matched existing stone finish on original building
  • Single Source Responsibility – Lido scope of work includes the two stage caulking of panel to panel joints, fire-stopping and smoke seal installation
  • Moisture Management Strategy – not only do the two-stage caulked joints between adjacent Lido panels create a rainscreen but the Lido panel itself also incorporates rainscreen technology and an integral air moisture barrier
  • Thermal Performance – Lido panels provide continuous insulation (C.I.) uninterrupted by floor slabs, attachments and other thermal bridges.
  • Trusted – with a track record of over 30 years and hundreds of buildings in service LIDO is the best source for panel manufacturing and installation.
  • Lightweight design = minimal loads to structure reducing structural costs. 1/7 the weight of precast concrete!
  • High Performance Envelope:  No thermal breaks results in high effective R value as per SB-10
  • Lido panels provide continuous insulation up to an R24 as required by the OBC 2006 SB-10 (higher R values possible by insulating in the stud space)
  • Rain Screen: Lido panels meet the intent of the OAA Pro-Demnity requirements for Rain Screen Systems
  • Integral air moisture barrier built into each panel
  • Certified:  Lido panel steel framing fabrication in plant is certified to CSA W47.1-92 Standards and welders certified to CSA W178.2-1990 Standards
  • Mechanical sleeves and electrical boxes can be installed during panel fabrication ensuring a waterproof seal
  • Competitively Priced:  Call on us for a budget for your next project.  We think you will be pleasantly surprised!

Lido panels are built indoors in a controlled plant environment.  This provides the client with panels of consistent quality that are installed quickly regardless of the weather.


3 DAYS to install 10,000 sq ft (one floor) of Lido Load bearing panels with Coreslab flooring system and 1 DAY to install 15,500 sq ft (one floor) of Lido rain screen panels on the new 7 storey Holiday Inn Express and Suites Hotel in Timmins.

The design firm Pda Architects, Toronto prepared the architectural drawings for the developer / builder Vrancor Group

Lido panels are built indoors in a controlled plant environment eliminating many of the obstacles faced when using site applied EIFS systems. This provides the client with panels of consistent quality that are installed quickly regardless of the weather; even in Timmins! Long term durability is ensured through incorporating Dryvit Outsulation PD Rain Screen System.

Lido has panelized successful projects for over 30 years.

Building Resource Inc. is proud to represent LIDO Wall Systems Architectural Rain Screen Wall Panels. To learn more about Lido Wall panels or to arrange a plant tour ( Concord ON ) please contact Building Resource Inc.

The SB-10 is here and Building Resource can help!

The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing OBC SB-10 updates went into effect on January 1, 2012 and require architects to design a higher level of insulation into all new buildings in Ontario. The R values have been increased in many areas and the requirement for CI or Continuous Insulation has also been added. Both of these factors will make it challenging for designers to comply without giving up valuable usable floor space. That is where Building Resource can help!

We can provide you with options that comply with the SB-10 but are affordable, practical and space efficient. Here are some of the products we offer;

Walltite Eco closed cell spray foam offers the highest R value per inch of any foam and is the ONLY foam listed by CCMC as an air barrier system. It can be applied between studs and as cavity wall insulation.

Atlas Energyshield polyisocyanurate provides R6.0 per inch and is used as a cavity wall insulation and an insulating sheathing.

Lido Wall Systems is a complete cladding system that provides up to R20 ci and is used in place of window wall, curtain wall and precast concrete panels.

Norbec Architectural IMP provides R44 ci and can be to perform the function of cladding, insulation, building envelope and interior finish.

For more information

The Actual SB-10 Document (updated)
The Paperwork
OBOA overview SB-10 and SB-12

New news item

July 2012 – TenPlus Architectural

We are pleased to announce that Building Resource Inc are now the Architectural Representatives for TenPlus Architectural Products including their Louvers, Sunshades, Vision Screens and expansion joint covers. Established in 1998, TenPlus has become a major manufacturer and is now positioned for more growth with the addition of Building Resource and the recent expansion of their Mississauga facility.

If you would like more information on TenPlus Products contact the Building Resource Team or visit the website at http://www.tenplus-online.com

SB-12 is in effect! Are you ready?

For building permit applications made on or after Jan. 1, 2012, for buildings governed by Part 9 of Division B, the proposed construction must conform to
the enhanced energy efficiency requirements of Ontario’s Building Code.

An acceptable solution is to use one of the appropriate compliance packages described in the Supplementary Standard SB-12 for houses available for review
at http://www.mah.gov.on.ca/Asset9372.aspx?method=1

A simple way to make sure your design complies click on this link for an interactive compliance tool at http://www.sb12.ca.

The higher R values required by SB12 can result in thicker walls that eat away at your usable floor space.

Building Resource Inc. represents a number of products that offer high R value per inch allowing you to comply without sacrificing space.

  • BASF Walltite Eco V3 Closed Cell Spray Polyurethane Foam can be applied in between framing or as an insulation over the exterior sheathing (“ci” or
    Continuous Insulation). Walltite Eco provides the highest R value (R6.2 to 6.55 per inch) of any ccSPF, can eliminate the need for venting and/or a
    separate vapour barrier, and is listed as an “Air Barrier System” by CCMC.
    Visit http://www.walltiteeco.com
  • Atlas Energyshield Polyisocyanurate Insulated Sheathing is available in thicknesses of ½ inch to 3.5 inches and provides an R value of R6.5 per inch.
    Visit http://www.atlasroofing.com