Norbec Architectural has received FM Approval

FM testing is among the most difficultand demanding standards of our industry.Approval

Approval Standard 4880
Norex-S, Norex-H and Norex-L panels – FM Approvals Standard 4880 (2005) Wall-Ceiling/Roof Constructions) are Approved for interior use.
The 4880 standard verifies the properties related to the combustibility of the product by conducting a series of tests.

FM Approval 4880 for Norex-L & H 

FM Approval 4880 for Norex-S

Approval Standard 4881
Norex-H and Norex-L panels – FM Approved exterior wall systems.
The 4881 standard verifies the limits of the fastening system under various wind load conditions and girt spacing. The FM laboratory is able to accurately create the desired wind load conditions. This standard also includes a hail test.

FM Approval 4881-Norex L & H